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Window Dressing and Treatment Ideas

simple window dressing treatments 768x308 » Window Dressing and Treatment Ideas

Window Dressing and Treatment Ideas – This article describes about the main function of window dressing, the reason why we have to choose window dressing in careful ways, and some tricks that we can apply in order to make the look of our window gorgeous start from apply length floor panels, hanging drapery at slim rods, hanging curtains in lower position, up to hanging drapery panels on the side of the window.

If we intend to apply the window dressing, then there are a number of tricks and ways that we can apply in order to make the room look bigger. Yeah, as we know, the window has an important role in a house and room. For that, we should be able to maximize its existence so that the look, feel, and atmosphere that we want to achieve. Choosing a window treatment should be done carefully and cautiously because if we choose the wrong, then we can bring a distant view of the expectation. Surely this is not something we want, is not it?!.

simple window dressing treatments 1024x577 » Window Dressing and Treatment Ideas

The first trick, we can apply a length of the floor panels to make a low ceiling look higher – normally we would see lower ceilings in a small house with a wide window size. Unfortunately, this makes the overall look of the room look less attractive so we need to apply the tricks that can make the room seem more spacious lower. The trick is to draw the eye toward higher with the help of vertical line. We can do this by using the length of the floor panel of the ceiling to the floor on either side of the window. Adjust the number of panels that we apply to the width of the window so it can create a beautiful harmony.

The second trick, hanging drapery we have the slim rods – by doing so, then we will create a sleek appearance because of the presence of a vertical line that is strong enough and in the end was able to give the impression the room is higher. The third trick, hanging curtains in a lower position to make the window seem higher roof – by doing so then we can create the illusion of a higher window and was able to create a more spacious feeling room. The fourth trick, hanging drapery panels on the side of the window to make the window seem wider – this is a window dressing trick that we can apply when we have a narrow window size. By applying this trick, in addition to the impression of a wider window, we can also incorporate more light into the room.