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In the past until a few years ago, we considered a traditional home design as a home style that was impressed with the selection of furniture that has carving here and there, dull color applications, designs with patterns that make the room more severe, and many others, and now in line with the development of technology and modernity, we have to change our way of looking at home design with traditional style. There are some new things that we must understand about the application of the traditional style in home design today. The first, the selection of furniture still remains with the formal design, but we will find more comfortable furniture with a sleek design and there is a personal touch in it. Secondly, there is the classic silhouette of the seating that is on a traditional design in a larger scale. Thirdly, we will find any reproduction cabinets are used to put all the media equipment. Fourth, we will get the freedom to forge match any existing finishes and periods to produce a design that we want.

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When applying traditional home design, feel free to experiment with the atmosphere and bring a fresh new look. For example, instead of putting a few paintings on the sofa with a design that is separate from each other, it would be better for us to organize all the painting or photograph, close them together and present a design that will make us get an attractive design for a traditional style house. Make sure we use the same frame design that will allow us to make arrangements. The point is do not be afraid to experiment with using a large scale when apply some designs of traditional home because large scale is what makes a room look more charming. Or, we could do the opposite by not using the framed painting at all when designing a room. It will be totally different designs where we can display a variety of objects that have the impression of unique, unusual, and certainly in accordance with the character of the room.

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