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Top down Bottom up Blinds for Better Function and Capability

practical top down bottom up blinds 768x308 » Top down Bottom up Blinds for Better Function and Capability

Using shade is common way for window treatment. You can install directly on the window frame then manage to adjust the visibility. New idea is called top down bottom up blinds. In general, this kind of blind or shade looks similar to regular one, but the operational and installation mode is quite different.

Exploring more about top down bottom up blinds

Top down bottom up blinds are more than usual shade. The name may be a little big long. However, it refers to the way how this blind works. It moves based on window frame upward and downward. To know more about this thing, read the following section.

practical top down bottom up blinds » Top down Bottom up Blinds for Better Function and Capability

  1. Functions

First thing is related to the function. People add blind or shade for several reasons. The most common one is visibility protection from unwanted sight and lighting. The sharp and bright sunlight is not convenient thing to be in the room. As solution, the shades will cover window to limit the light intensity.

Another function is interior decoration. Having shades creates elegant style for the room. Usually, curtain is preferable choice but not versatile enough for the room. With blind, you do not see extensive fabric hanging around in the window. On contrary, blind integrates fabric in elegant way to blend perfectly with window frame.

  1. Design and style

Top down bottom up blinds have various designs. You may have the flat and plain style that’s similar to regular shades. This style looks simple to keep the light in check while maintaining interior lighting itself. Another style is folding layer that can be folded into small pieces. At first glance, you see the plain blind with fold signs. To access more visibility, you can fold it slowly from the top or bottom. Other styles depend on what pattern printed in blind surface.

  1. How does it work

Top down bottom up blinds have certain way to work on wind frame. This thing has two options with cord or cordless feature as controller. If you choose the one with cord, the blinds will move from top down and bottom up simultaneously. You just control how blinds to be located.

Cordless blinds are directly attached to the window frame. You can push upward from bottom holder to obtain the half visibility, but the upper side is closed. This process is similar to where you need enough visibility at upper window. Push down from top holder and lock the blinds.

  1. Installation and material

Installation for this kind of blind is a little bit complex. Blinds have their own frame to attach on the window. You need proper tools, and read the guideline to prevent mistake. For material, the fabric seems the common way because it is easy to adjust and fold in the up and down mode. Some blinds are strict and rigid because the materials are plastic, metal, wood, and bamboo.

  1. DIY blinds

At store, top down bottom up blinds are available with various designs and prices. Instead of buying directly, the idea of DIY blind is possible to implement at home. For beginner, simple blinds without cord are the right option. You need fabric, few frames, holders, and tools to attach on the window frame.