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Studio Apartment Layout Design Ideas

small studio apartment layout example 768x308 » Studio Apartment Layout Design Ideas

This article describes about what is studio apartment, the size of studio apartment, some things to pay attention before applying certain layout to studio apartment, kind of rooms usually we could find at studio apartment, and the layout of some rooms at studio apartment.

When we are talking about a studio apartment, then we will talk about the apartment with a smaller size compared to the size of the apartment in general. We’ll get an open space that we have to own governance consistent with the objectives, needs, and individual taste. To be able to bring studio apartment layout that perfectly fits the needs then we have to think about and understand what the needs of our own because we will combine several rooms into one open design.

small studio apartment layout example » Studio Apartment Layout Design Ideas

Because usually present in an open layout and seem more modern, we still have to pay attention to the functionality and aesthetics of the room itself. Typically, a studio apartment would make us combine several areas such as bedrooms, dining room and kitchen, and living room in an area with same location. We can divide each room according to their respective functions by using a partition or a lattice screen made ​​of wood or various other types of materials. We can also use a bookshelf with a certain height level to be used as a divider between the rooms or choose to using blinds and provide the privacy we wanted.

In order for the layout of the studio apartment can provide privacy, then we can give a more personal touch on the small hallway as the entrance. Make sure we chose to put the bedroom adjacent to the bathroom so as to facilitate access. As for the kitchen and dining room, we can combine them into one piece. We can also combine the living room with a dining room or choose to place an outside dining area – on the balcony area which will give its own nuances when we eat at these places. Another important thing that we must note the layout of the studio apartment is storage. We have to make sure there is enough storage space that we have in a studio apartment so the whole studio apartment looks nice. By having enough storage space, the studio apartment layout will look more organized, neat, and fun to be enjoyed.