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Pool Deck Resurfacing Material Options

pool deck resurface materials 768x308 » Pool Deck Resurfacing Material Options

This article describes about the importance of doing resurfacing at pool and pool deck, and several options of pool deck resurfacing we could apply namely: stone finish, concrete finish, wood finish, brick finish, and tile finish. This article also describes about some pros and cons of each options of pool deck resurfacing.

By applying resurfacing the pool, then we have implemented protection at the swimming pool and ensure durability that can be relied on for the next few years. In addition, applying resurfacing will also make an appearance outside of the pool look more charming and attractive. This also applies to the pool deck because it is one of the locations that are susceptible to wear and weathering because it is often exposed to sunlight, wind, rain, and others. In addition, the water in the swimming pool deck also spills out to be one of the reasons why the pool deck easily weathered. Therefore, applying the pool deck resurfacing is the right thing in order to give a fresh new look and interesting.

pool deck resurface materials » Pool Deck Resurfacing Material Options

There are several options that we can apply resurfacing the pool deck to consider the type of swimming pool.

(1) Stone finish – this is one option that will give us resurfacing the pool deck display that looks very good when compared with other resurfacing options. In addition, natural appearance and texture produced will give the value of its own – non slip and charming.

(2) Concrete finish – usually applied to resurfacing the pool deck with concrete material is stamped concrete because it is very easy to be implemented and applied. It is one of the resurfacing options that have similarities with stone finish. The difference is the charm offered, friction is generated and the level of comfort it has. When we decided to get with stamped concrete resurfacing, then be prepared to set an amount of money because the price offered is quite expensive – especially if we want to change the surface of the pool deck.

swimming pool deck resurfacing » Pool Deck Resurfacing Material Options

(3) Wood finish – this is one of the most expensive options of pool deck resurfacing and requires routine maintenance which is quite troublesome. However, we’ll get a look that will not priceless – very charming and beautiful. In addition, we will also get anti-slip pool deck is safe to pass anyone even when wet conditions though. If we want to apply the resurfacing using wood as a material then make sure we have enough budgets because in addition to need a lot of care and the high cost of repairs that we will get, installation is also going to make us spend money in an amount not less.

(4) Tile and brick finish – these are the two types of resurfacing material that comes with a very affordable price. And although it comes with a very affordable price, durability offered quite reliable and we can do the repair easily when there is damage to the material types.