Nursery Wall Decor Ideas for Happy Kids

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Having a kid will change your life, especially if it was your first time. Various adjustments will be required for several aspects in life. The financial planning will include some diapers and healthcare for an extra member. Moreover, your sleep schedule will no longer stay routine due to occasional late night watch. Most importantly, you are going to need an extra room at house. A baby room must be decorated with cheerful and playful vibe; an entirely different atmosphere compared to the adult’s. It involves colorful wall decorations with plenty stuffs to stick. Since you will spend a lot of time in the nursery, you will need a soothing organized design for the wall that is also fun. So, what nursery wall decor is recommended for modern parents? Here is the list for you to look into.

nursery room wall decor » Nursery Wall Decor Ideas for Happy Kids

The Things to Apply for a Playful Nursery

  1. The Sea Turtle Porthole Sticker

As we know, the oceanic ambience can be soothing yet playful. This simple sticker resembling a ship porthole has a cute little picture of turtle swimming in the middle. It is available in two colors: bronze and gold. It also has three different sizes to choose from, depending on your preference for the nursery wall decor. The price ranges for the smallest to the biggest option.

  1. The Happy London Zoo Sticker

Animals are every kid’s favorite theme. This Happy Zoo decal consists of colorful designs with trees, monkeys, giraffe, lion, and zebra. The animals are depicted with smile to cheer up your day. There are owls hanging by the trees. The leaves are also colorful.

  1. The Jungle Theme Fabric Wall Decal

Another fauna-themed sticker is the Jungle Fabric nursery wall decor. As the name suggests, it is made of fabric with enticing colorful design. It has six different parts that can be assembled in many ways as you like. The parts include a coconut tree with two monkeys hanging around it, a giraffe, a lion, an elephant, a zebra, and a smiling sun.

  1. The Kid Room All Star Personalization Sticker

If you want a personalized nursery wall decor, this Kid Room All Star is the perfect option. It has various templates to choose from, and you can insert your lovely baby’s name to be printed on the design. It has several themes such as sport, floral, and jungle.

  1. The Haubert Round Wall Clock

This round clock is made from smooth wood. It is painted with natural forest-like texture. The colors include light blue, white, brown, and turquoise. It is available in affordable cost.

  1. The Pink Castle Vanity Clock

This round clock is designed specifically for baby girl. The background shows a fantasy-like pink castle with five beautiful fairies flying around it. The sphere-shaped border of the clock is also covered with pink hue.

Well, those are our handpicked nursery wall decor to keep you relaxed and happy while taking care of your sweetheart. Hopefully, these ideas can help you design the nursery in line with your personality.