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Modern Glass Facade Building Concepts

spectacular glass facade building 768x308 » Modern Glass Facade Building Concepts

Many people argue that the glass facade building is not appropriate when applied to a building design because it tends to be not so environmentally friendly. However, some others argue that we can design a building using glass facade if glass facade we used meets some basic aspects including fitted with some protection, including protection against environmental pollution, protection against fire, protection against climatic influences, and others. If we are environmentalists and liked the variety of designs that have eco-friendly orientation, then apply this type of building will make us think twice because the glass is one contributor to climate change in the world.

spectacular glass facade building » Modern Glass Facade Building Concepts

Lots of us have encountered number of glass facade building in various parts of the world. For more than 50 years, we can see the various building designs using glass facade mushrooming in various cities in the world. The resulting design does not mess around – everything looks beautiful, functional, modern, and sophisticated. However, we will also find a variety of disadvantages when deciding to implement a building design using glass facade. And the real loss would we get is an increase in energy consumption that will result in the increase of electric bill significantly to be paid each month. The addition of the amount of energy produced by this type of building is perceived as a burden for the owner of the building.

smart glass facade building » Modern Glass Facade Building Concepts

Therefore, it would be much better if we are not too obsessed to have a building using glass facade just to get a cool and modern look. There are many kind materials that we can choose to get the goal that is more affordable, more environmentally friendly, and certainly able to give us what we want in terms of both aesthetic and functional. So, if today we are more concerned to get the energy efficiency of a building above all, avoid using glass facade at the building designs that we will apply.