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Magnetic Chalkboard Paint with More Benefits, Functions, and Designs

magnetic chalkboard paint tips 768x308 » Magnetic Chalkboard Paint with More Benefits, Functions, and Designs

Two tools in one product are what you see in magnetic chalkboard paint. At first, it looks like regular board with dark surface. You use the chalk or marker to write directly. In the same time, you need to put poster or paper to make your writing more effective. This is where chalkboard has magnetic field to let the users putting anything through magnetic clip.

Details of Magnetic Chalkboard Paint

People use chalkboard to write note during meeting. It is also reliable as announcement board or placing recipe in restaurant. The most utilization of this board is at school where teachers use it to explain the content and education material. Basically, anything involves in handwrite presentation or brainstorming will rely on chalkboard. However, only chalkboard is not enough and you may still need to add more notes from paper or poster. For such purpose, you can just attach them on board directly.

magnetic chalkboard paint tips » Magnetic Chalkboard Paint with More Benefits, Functions, and Designs

  1. The first layer

Magnetic chalkboard paint consists of three basic layers. The first one is at outer that resembles normal board coat. It has smooth surface and the contour that’s compatible to be marker or chalk. Both have different board and it is rare to find the board with both specs. For marker, the surface is relatively thin but strong enough to hold any force from marker point. On the other side, the chalkboard is mostly thick but lightweight.

From the design and appearance, this chalkboard looks exactly as regular one. The size depends on what you need, and it is mostly big enough to put in small meeting. You can carry it anywhere easily then put it into holder. Unfortunately, you might see the board with vast surface that covers the entire classroom. Magnetic field will be weak if the coverage is too wide and vast. That’s the reason you don’t see the board in classroom, except for group meeting.

  1. The second layer

At second layer, the board has magnetic field with specific configuration. This part is very thin and sensitive. The function is only to hold things through magnetic clip. For such purpose, magnetic chalkboard paint doesn’t have much complex engineering installation. This layer will be easy to fall apart due to electricity and magnetic disturbance.

  1. The third layer

Furthermore, the last layer at magnetic chalkboard paint is at back as cover and additional protection. It is where you attach the board on wall. Today, several methods are available to keep the board in standing mode. If you need to mount it on the wall, the board is better with strong screw. As alternative, the board also has hooks to attach without binding. Some products only need to hang directly and the board will be ready. If you want this thing to be more flexible, holder is the best way to rely on.

Black or dark coat is common for this board. Such color will adjust with chalk writing, except for marker one that’s mostly in white surface. To extend the functionality, some boards have two sections, and each of them is for different writing tool. This board is suitable for classroom due to big design. However, magnetic field is mostly at the corner or top in limited section. You can write without worrying about magnetic coating that may disturb the chalk when put on surface. This is preferable product from magnetic chalkboard paint.