Lucite Chairs: the edgy “Ghosts” for your Home Furniture

Picking stuff for your homey decoration might be both fun and tricky. The choosing of the details can enhance the beauty of the whole rooms yet on the other hands; they can be such a catastrophes failure. Nowadays time, we have to say good bye to kinds of flashy and too much colors here and there style. Stepping the trend, more sophisticated and edgy look are what home beauty means nowadays. The design is included the minimalist and elegance look, such as white colors of wall and furniture. There is a little bit mix with several bright colors but not much.

dining room transparent chair design » Lucite Chairs: the edgy “Ghosts” for your Home Furniture

Talking about the home furniture, it has been massive improvements of style and designs. Some even use quite high technology just to meet the needs of the people. In choosing the furniture, it also depends on the room itself combined with every owner’s personal taste and each definition of comfort. For these recent years, we have been introduced to a chair known as the “Lucite Chairs”, or else said “Ghost Chairs” or “Vapor Chairs”. These chairs are quite different from the common chairs, and people easily remember them, as the shape and style are so typical and being created like no others.

bedroom ghost transparent chair » Lucite Chairs: the edgy “Ghosts” for your Home Furniture

The transparent color is what make these chairs stand out. And somehow, they can fit the need of every room. Well, let’s start with the kitchen area. The kitchen area is most likely a narrow space because most spaces are used for kitchen appliances and stuff. Most kitchens are also in once with the dining room. Placing these ghost chairs will give you benefit outsmarting the narrow space. As they have no color, they allow people’s eyes to travel further and grasp the whole room at once, so that the narrow space can look more spacious than it used to be. On the other hands, if you place the common and usual color chairs, they will block your vision, so that the room even appears to be narrower rather than spacious.

shared desk ghost transparent chairs » Lucite Chairs: the edgy “Ghosts” for your Home Furniture

The benefit of transparent look is also what fit them to any kinds of furniture in any colors. It can balance the heavy furniture that you have already put inside. Take the example of another room, which is a working room, you can place the chairs as the work table chairs. As these chairs are transparent, what you can see is only the line of the chair which stylistically lies in a line with the horse desk leg. Another example, for the bedroom, you can place it in front of the dressing table and for the family room, you can place it in a bar table in line with the sofas.

white country kitchen bar transparent stool » Lucite Chairs: the edgy “Ghosts” for your Home Furniture

Getting these chairs can be done online. For instance, in e-bay site, you can find these chairs in many different shapes and style. Even more, you can find it in any different rate of prices, which most of them come in surprisingly inexpensive price.

long narrow kitchen ghost transparent chairs » Lucite Chairs: the edgy “Ghosts” for your Home Furniture

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