Living room: The Centre of Family Rotation

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Living room: The Centre of Family Rotation – Living room is the centre of family rotation, it is the heart of the house where your family even your friends gather or visit. Living room is the place of warmness, hospitality even coolness and sadness, it is the place where all of emotion come into one. That is the reason why creating your living room is essential. To create the harmonious environment, you may put your special effort on it.  The things you must concern to decorate your living room is lighting, choosing the proper furniture, choosing the perfect colour paint and also the placement of your furniture. Lighting of your living room maybe helped by creating wide-mirror window, it will give your good air circulation and also good sun-lighting. Beside for the efficient reason, this method is fully effective to minimize your electricity usage. Living room usually is first seen from the outdoor, because of that it has to show well. Living room is usually functioned as the dining room also; people sometimes get lazy to eat their meal on the dining table. Parting your living room with your dining room may be the good alternative to keep the togetherness. You may choose the transparent partition to part your living room to the dining room. If you have small room, you may use a portable partition that allows you to save it when you need a larger space. Parting is also having to do with the lighting, you must be careful in parting your house, because if you wrong to choose the partition, it may obstruct your lighting design. The glass partition may be a good alternative to spread out the light, so you do not need to put lamp in every part of your house.

living room with sofas 002 » Living room: The Centre of Family Rotation

The next step you need to do is arranging the furniture. You can hire the design interior consultant to help you decorate your living room based on such a theme, but it may be better if you do it by yourself, so you can put your personal taste on it and make the living room so you. Decorating living room based on personal taste is more fun and cheap; you can apply your favourite colour and arrange the furniture based on your taste. And the last step is choosing colour paint or wallpapers to garnishes your room. Do not choose the colour with full of motives if you have the small room, because it will make the room looks stifled. Small room is better to use the soft colour such as pastels to make the wide effect, or we can use the bright one but with plain motive. If you have the big living room, you may elaborate it as well as you want. You may using the wallpaper with full of motive to fill up the spaces. And you may put the big sofa with round short legged table. If you think that your living room still remains spaces, you may put some paintings or photograph on it. Harmonizing and uniting each part of the design feature is needed to be concerned to create your living room in a harmonic design, so do not forget to think every part on it with passion.