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Such of challenging professionLandscape architecture is the design of outdoor space using various combinations and compositions of plants, water, land form, and structure (walls, lighting, seating, walkways, and other). Along with the advancement of technology and the changing times, this time we will find how the popularity of the multi- disciplinary field of science that covers this. If we intend to deepen this knowledge, then we will learn some science with a fairly wide coverage through a variety of formal education that is currently rife offered by various schools and colleges.

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And when we have earned as a landscape architect , so we will collaborate with various types of projects ranging from :

(1) Planning, form, scale, and determine new developments;

(2) Make the design of civil and public infrastructure;

(3) Conduct of sustainable development;

(4) Perform storm-water management (green roofs, rain gardens, and others);

(5) Designing a variety of recreational areas and facilities in it include playgrounds, botanical gardens, golf courses, sports facilities, green belts, and others. We will also design a variety of places and government-owned facilities, residential area, estate, highways, bridges, and other;

(6) Designing urban design, pedestrian schemes, determining the pockets of parking, waterfronts, urban renewal, and others;

(7) Conduct environmental assessment and landscape assessment, give advise land and planning management proposals;

(8) Conduct ecological design for every aspect of design that minimizes environmentally destructive impacts by integrating itself with the ongoing natural processes.

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Deciding to become a person with a profession as a landscape architect, so we should have a creative flair and able to appreciate nature in all its forms. Landscape architecture is considered as a challenging profession because we will drive ourselves to realize what the client wanted to consider various aspects related to environmental sustainability. There should be a natural talent in us when make a decision to plunge and pursue this profession. Yeah, at least we should be willing to continue to learn and push ourselves to always and always evolve in line with the development of this science.

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