Japanese Garden Design Trends

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Speaking of Japanese garden design, then we will talk about a theme park with a traditional design that presents as the ideal miniature landscape. It is a garden that can be present in a variety of designs that are full of style and some even have abstract designs. At first, the Japanese garden was developed under the influence of Chinese garden design. Then, gradually Japan began to develop their own aesthetics in designing the garden by taking the values of Japanese culture and a variety of materials at their disposal. This then brings the Japanese have gardens of their own design and style in the end of Edo period. Japanese garden at this time continue to experience growth and due to the influence of the West, since the late 19th century Japanese -style garden has undergone some adjustments. In the Japanese garden, we will find some mandatory items ranging from rocks, sands, and use a few items that are used as symbols such as pavilions, bridges, stone lanterns, islands, and others.

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If we decide to apply Japanese garden design, then we can be sure we will get a serenity and pleasure every time we look at it. Japanese garden comes with various types of plants such as Japanese pine, bamboo, ferns, and mosses. Because of the type of Japanese garden is dry landscape, then we will not find any pool of water or anything related to the presence of water. However, we will find a replacement of water that is realized by the use of gravel, sand, moss, and ferns.

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Many people who like the design of the Japanese garden for being able to provide the necessary relaxation and recreation at the same time where we can enjoy the natural beauty and coolness offered. Do not forget to include walkways, lanterns, bridges and roads in garden design to strengthen the character and feel of Japan. In addition, note the rocks in the garden by grouping them in a triangular shape.

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