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How to Mix and Match Home Colors Decorations

awesome modern color combinations 768x308 » How to Mix and Match Home Colors Decorations

To decorate a room is not just about mix and match the furniture, but to mix and match the colors as well. To have only one color at your home might not give you any sense or theme, in other ways, it might be so boring to see sooner or later. To have a home is just like to have you and your soul. A home is where our soul is sheltered. Thus, decorating your home just like your personality is so necessary. Besides, it is so fun, it will make your home much more comfortable for you.

awesome modern color combinations » How to Mix and Match Home Colors Decorations

The combination of colors in home decorating is quite important, as those colors will define the overall theme. Whether, you want to take your home into sort of classic, modern, sophisticated, contemporary, and or fashionable chick. To have only neutral colors in your house are nowadays not that favorite anymore. And even the extreme colors combination can create a newly born in home designing world. Thus, don’t be afraid to play with colors, and mustn’t forget to always combine your colors’ choices with the smooth lines and motives of its furniture.

attractive modern color combinations » How to Mix and Match Home Colors Decorations

1. Pitch Black and Bright White
Having black and white in your home decorations will give you more to classical concept rather than modern. Yet, there are many people who love to put this style for their home. The simplicity of just black and white is so magical. And somehow, you can’t go wrong with this style as black and white are two colors that are matched to another. Yet, you can still give a chance to change it a little bit more modern. It can be done, by adding some more extreme and contrast colors in between the black and white concept (but remember, don’t put them too many) like the color of juicy red and neon green. Those colors can be in the form of red vase or green painting. These small touching will be so much excellent to the house.

2.Canary Yellow and Cloudy Grey
This combination of two colors actually can manage to pull any themes, but most of the themes are more likely to be chic and futuristic. Most of these colors are applied in Villa and or Cottage decoration. The sense of neutral grey combine with the pop out of yellow successfully manage to make both unique and stylish.

3.Violet Purple and Walnut Brown
These two colors are just complementing to each other. It is like the light versus the dark. Both colors are reflected the serene concept but still modern as well.

4.Mango Orange and Charcoal Grey
Compared to the other colors I’ve mentioned earlier, these both colors are quite tricky to combine. If you design it too simple, it will fall boring. Otherwise, if you overdesign it, there will be too much, too feminine or bitchy at the other hands.

5.Gentle Green and Ashy Silver
These combination two colors are mostly matched to kitchen and bathroom. It is because the sense of those two colors is a kind of fresh and cleaning. Just match with the concept of kitchen that always needs to serve fresh food. But, it is not just combining two colors; you have to add some white light just to balance the decoration so that it won’t be too dark.