Get Elegant Feel at Your Rooms Using Red Velvet Curtains

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Red Velvet Curtain Decor Ideas – This article describes about the look that we can get by applying velvet curtains, the function of velvet curtains, the right place to put velvet curtains, the types of fabric that can be used as velvet curtains, kind of colors of velvet curtains, and how to maintenance of velvet curtains.

Velvet curtains are one type of heavy fabric used as curtains to give a more elegant look in a room. Some of the rooms are usually used as the subject to put this kind of curtain is the living room to the bedroom. By applying velvet, then we would get a room that is able to provide full privacy because sunlight cannot penetrate into the room. If we apply it to the bedroom, then this is the perfect choice especially if we want a quality rest. There are many choices of styles and designs of velvet that we can get – as well as how to install.

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Basically, there are two types of fabric that can be used to serve as curtain is cute with a plain weave and cut pile velvet. For a plain weave with cut pile, this is a soft fabric that is usually used to design a variety of formal dresses. As for the cut velvet, velvet is the fabric that has a pattern cut out of the loop is not cut off from the pile and used in interior decoration applications. Cut velvet in its development will be divided into two namely crushed and panne. Crushed is the velvet type that requires mechanical twisting while in wet conditions which can be used for interior decoration purposes as well as clothes. When we decided to use it as a coating, the fabric of this type should have a coating that is stable. Panne prone to heavy application of pressure on the pile in one direction produces a variety of velvet.

In order to the view of velvet curtains can stand out and striking, then we must choose a contrasting color. This is the easiest way we can do if we want the curtain as the center of attention. There are many color options for velvet that we can get from black, dark red, burgundy, up to purple. Then, what about maintenance? Well, we can apply a dry cleaning when we find velvet curtain of dirty or dusty. Anyway, make sure we apply it in the right place, and instead put velvet in a vulnerable place like the kitchen or bathroom.