DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

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DIY Christmas decorations are able to use the unused jars and bottles, and also twigs and unused window frame, the result will be stunning for the Christmas day.

When Christmas comes in the snowy December, feels like the essence and feeling of Christmas itself will not complete without giving some decorations at your house in order to welcome this holy day. But for this year Christmas, you may do something’s different by using DIY Christmas decorations for showing your creativity and crafting skills. Well, for doing that is not difficult as long as you know how to make something’s unused is useful and change it into a stunning form for decorating your house at Christmas.

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Christmas decorations with DIY style is also saving your money, means that you may reduce the expensive or high cost for buying the decorations at store or market. For example you may use the frame of unused window to make for decorations. You can attach some little lights encounter this frame then put it on the wall, if you want more, than you may paint the frame first with white or red colors, then add with some glitters. Just from this easy step, you already have a glittered window lamp. This DIY Christmas decorations can be put on the dining room or family room to beautify it.

You also can utilize the bottles and jars for making DIY Christmas decorations. You can those things for placing the pine cones or cheap snowmen dolls in store inside and give some fake snow made from cotton bud or papers. Then tie the jars with ribbons or unused fabric, for making it is more sweet and pretty, and better to make 5 until 10 to be put all over the room.

simple diy christmas decorations » DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

Decorating Christmas with DIY style will be stunning if you may use the long slim twigs to be put in a vase, spayed the twigs with gold or silver paints. This is also available for your DIY Christmas decorations to brighten your Christmas day with the beloved ones in your house.