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Talking about Cape Cod interior design, then this is tantamount to talking about one of the traditional style that has inspired many people, classical, ancient, and is closely related to the theme of the summer, the beach, and a variety of fun things. There are a few things we need to consider when we decided to apply a style Cape Cod and the following is the list that we can use as a reference.

rustic cape cod interior design » Cape Cod Interior Design Themes

The first is color – popular colors that we can apply in this style are green and white. Use white as the dominant color on the furniture and walls, while for the green we could use it as an accent color. We can also choose other colors to apply to be paired with white such as blue, yellow, red, and others. The second is the furniture – there are different types of materials that we can choose to apply to the Cape Cod-style house. However, a popular type of material used is rattan or wood with a simple design – as well as when we apply the pads on the seat, make sure we choose a simple pattern or motif. We can also choose to include a number of other items made ​​from rattan to strengthen the character of Cape Cod on the interior of the house. The third is the floor – we can decide to apply a wood floor as the right choice to make Cape Cod style feels strong and form the character of the house. In order to make it look more perfect, then we can add a rug on a wooden floor or other decorative elements.

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The fourth is the wall – select and apply a neutral color such as white on the walls of the room. If we do not deign to use paint, then we can choose to use the wallpaper with bright colors and floral patterns that will make the room look brighter. The fifth is the window – apply blinds with a simple design and made ​​of thin fabric to incorporate more light into the room. As this relates to present the theme of summer fun, then do not ever apply a thick curtain of dark-colored cloth. The sixth is the accessories – we can incorporate a number of items related to Cape Cod interior design that inspired by the beach and other to add the beautiful overall look of the house.