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Bathroom Wall Decals for Room Decoration and Protection

bathroom wall decal designs 768x308 » Bathroom Wall Decals for Room Decoration and Protection

Bathroom needs proper decoration to look excellent without losing functionality. One of popular methods is bathroom wall decals. In general, this kind of decoration is like sticker or wallpaper attached on the wall. You can have many designs and fancy styles to create artistic bathroom. On the other side, the decals have several properties that are important to know before you are ready to apply them.

Bathroom Wall Decals

Decals have been the top choice for quick decoration with high capability. The material is solid and capable to withstand any situation. In bathroom, wet and high moisture are the factors that deteriorate wall painting. As solution, decals become more water resistant and resilient in extreme condition.

  1. Functions

In general, the basic function is protection although most people still think it as decoration. Bathroom wall decals will cover the wall directly and dispel the water. This is the key thing that should be put into utmost consideration. Normal wall needs the cover attached directly on its surface. Modern bathroom separates wet and dry areas. However, both still rely on the decals.

beautiful bathroom wall decals » Bathroom Wall Decals for Room Decoration and Protection

Another purpose is aesthetic aspect. In past time, people used bathroom only for their things, and it is not much for decoration. On contrary, the interior design is at high peak since most people start caring about their own bathroom. They try to find the right option to decorate the room without losing the function. This is where decals come into the right place and time. Instead of covering with direct wall painting, using decals will save time and money. The design is already in place, and you just need to attach it on the wall.

  1. Wall decal design

Bathroom wall decals have designs from various styles. You may see bathroom with plain color on the wall without any pattern at all. When seeing closely, that plain surface is actually the decal. Another design for bathroom is mostly nature style or any color that brings tranquility. Keep in mind bathroom is not a place to stay long. People come and go, but they may consider the decoration to admire it longer.

  1. Material and installation

Wallpaper uses wall-based material, although vinyl is often applied if installed in outdoor area. On the other hand, you can paint directly on your wall if using direct method to decorate bathroom. Decals are similar to wallpaper, but the material is not just paper. Furthermore, you may have porcelain, ceramic, plastic, vinyl, and solid wood.

bathroom wall decal designs » Bathroom Wall Decals for Room Decoration and Protection

The utmost distinction is on the way you install bathroom wall decals. Some of wallpaper is printed mode that’s easily to attach. This is similar to decals, but printed design is on solid surface. Even though the decals use material that looks like water, the thickness is different and more solid. Furthermore, ceramic seems the most appropriate one due to capability to withstand excess water and moisture in bathroom.

Well, decals for bathroom are slightly different from regular ones. The material is water resistant that’s capable to repel liquid easily. Most importantly, it has high durability since bathroom wall decals will be in applied in closed area that has less air circulation.